The Nutrition Discovery Labs at Ryerson University is an experimental nutrition, exercise physiology, and biomarker analysis research facility located in the School of Nutrition, Ryerson University.

The Food Intake Regulation & Satiety Testing Lab is dedicated to advancing our understanding of human ingestive behaviour, with a particular emphasis on elucidating the determinants of food intake control in children. Through our interdisciplinary research program we are examining the role of macronutrient composition, exercise, hormonal and environmental factors to inform the development of evidence-based guidelines for promoting healthier body weights. The lab houses an experimental test kitchen and six semi-private cubicles to develop and test the effect of food formulations and meal plans on subjective satiety.

The Nutrition and Exercise Testing (NExT) Lab is the focal point for research assessing the impact of exercise and body composition on human health. The lab houses a ParvoMedics TrueOne 2400 automated metabolic gas analysis system, TrackMaster Treadmill (TMX 425 CP), Moanark 839E, Ergoline Ergoselect P100, and Monark 894E Anaerobic Ergonomic Testing Bicycle for determination of resting and exercise energy expenditure and physical fitness; and body composition testing equipment, including a SECA 220 digital scale, BodyMetrix Ultrasound Analyzer, Fit3D analyzer, and Bod Pod.

The Biomarker Analysis and Discovery Lab is a premier facility for biomarker quantification and discovery. It houses a BioTek Synergy HT high-performance multi-mode microplate reader and BioTek ELx50 microplate strip washer, YSI 2300 STAT Plus Glucose & Lactate Analyzer, and YSI 2700 Biochemistry Analyzer.